Spirit of The Living Creatures!

“Wherever the spirit wanted to go, they went ….for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.” (Ezekiel 1:20).

The words “Spirit of the living creatures” appears in the book of Ezekiel only. Moreover, it is repeated in several instances in this book. Our God is with life. He lives even today. “I am He who lives and was dead and behold, I am alive forevermore” (Revelation 1:18).

Tombs in which thousands of founders of religions have been buried are in a closed condition. They died but did not rise. The tomb of Mohamed Nabi is in Mecca while that of Mahatma Gandhi is in Rajkot, Delhi and Arigner Anna’s tomb is in Marina, Chennai. However good such political leaders may be, but they are not the ones to live eternally.

Once the scribes, Pharisees and the Jews and asked Him, “Are you greater than our father Abraham, who is dead? And the prophets are dead. Who do you make yourself out to be?” (John 8:53). Jesus replied “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day, and he saw it and was glad. Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am” (John 8:56, 58).

Today, a group within Christianity have the habit of worshipping saints. Let it be Mary, mother of Jesus or any other great saint, they all have died but none of them has risen to life again. They neither hear our prayers nor take them to Christ.

Once I asked a person how he had been saved and his answer made me think deeply. He told that when he heard the following words from someone, it brought the change in him. “Can a dead cow feed its young one? Can the saints who have died, help you to grow spiritually?” I was made to understand that one should proclaim the real God with eternal life alone. He made it clear to me that only He could provide Salvation.”

Another brother said, ‘Imagine that you are struggling somewhere without knowing the direction to reach your destination. On one side, there are many idols of gods and on the other side, there is one person with life. To whom will you seek help to know the way? Will you ask the idols or plead to Christ who is alive?”

Yes. Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the life. He alone is the one to give you the eternal life and take you to the Father. Jesus resurrected from the dead. After forty days, He gave His vision to the disciples and revealed that He was alive. Then He sat on the right hand of the Power, coming with the clouds of heaven. He, who advocates for us, will come to the world again.

To meditate: “And in the night His song shall be with me —A prayer to the God of my life” (Psalm 42:8).

Daily BreadJoshua Jebadurai