“ And It Shall Come To Pass, As Soon As The Soles Of The Feet Of The Priests Who Bear The Ark Of The Lord, The Lord Of All The Earth, Shall Rest In The Waters Of The Jordan, That The Waters Of The Jordan Shall Be Cut Off, The Waters That Come Down From Upstream, And They Shall Stand As A Heap” (Joshua 3:13).

Look At This Surprising Incident! Just When The Priests Stepped Into Jordan Carrying The Ark Of The Lord, The Water In The River Jordan Began To Retrieve. The Water That Came Down From Upstream Stopped And Stood As A Heap. This Is One Of The Great Miracles Which The Lord Did.

Pharaoh Came As The First Obstruction To The Children Of Israel Inheriting Canaan. This Obstacle Was Cleared By The Blood Of The Passover Lamb. Secondly, The Resistance From The Red Sea Arrived. Subsequently, The Red Sea Gave Way Through The Rod Of Promise Which Was The Rod Of Moses. Then Pharaoh And His Army Were Cast Into It. Then, Thirdly And Finally The Jordan Came As The Obstacle. To Clear This Hurdle, The Soles Of The Feet Of The Priests Carrying The Ark Of God Had To Rest On The Waters Of Jordan And Once It Was Done, The Water Turned Back.

Today, I And You Are Carrying Christ In Our Hearts. We Carry The Covenant Of Blood Which He Executed On The Cross Of Calvary. You And I Stay As The Priests To God (Revelation 1:6). Yes, We Are The Royal Priesthood (I Peter 2:9). Since The Divine Spirit Is Within You, The Anointment Which He Gave You Will Make The Jordan Go Back, However Huge It May Be And Pave Way For You.

The Jordan Will Not Turn Back If The Priests Merely Step Into It. It Will Give Way Only If The Priests Carrying The Covenant Step Into It. Generally, There Is No Value For The Donkey Or Its Young Ones But What An Amazing Value The Donkey Which Carried Christ Had Amassed. People Welcome It Singing ‘Hosanna’, Holding Aloft The Palm Leaves And Spreading The Clothes And Branches On Its Way. If Christ Dwells Within You, Miracles Will Happen Wherever You Stamp Your Feet. To Whichever Home You Visit, The Evil Spirits There Will Run Helter-skelter On Seeing You. The Fights And Quarrels Which Existed There Will Be Replaced By Peace. The Reason Is That The Prince Of Peace Dwells In You And Thus He Comes Along With You.

Once, Moses Came Up To Horeb, The Mountain Of God, Tending The Flock (Exodus 3:1). There, God Appeared To Him From The Midst Of A Bush And Told Him That The Place Where He Was Standing Is A Holy Ground. Since God Had Appeared There, The Entire Area Turned Into Holy Place.

Dear Children Of God, The Holy Christ And The Holy Spirit Are Dwelling In You. Since God Has Turned You Into A Temple, In Whichever Place You Stand, It Has To Become Holy. Yes, You Are A Holy Place.

To Meditate: “ Then Samuel Took A Flask Of Oil And Poured It On His Head And Kissed Him And Said: “Is It Not Because The Lord Has Anointed You Commander Over His Inheritance?” (I Samuel 10:1).

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