“Lord, every morning you hear my voice. Every morning, I tell you what I need. And I wait for your answer” (Psalm 5:3).

You have to arise and shine as a prayer warrior continuing steadfastly in prayer. You have to do extraordinary and great things in the Name of God. Souls should be won and they should be guided to heaven. Yes, dear children of God, prayer alone could protect your holiness. It will suppress and stop the evil forces.

Our forefathers did rare and great things through prayer. But, in this generation, He has chosen you who have been saved. To meet this nation through a revival, you have to be a good prayer warrior. What is the situation that prevails today? Due to insufficient prayer, God’s doing is restricted in this nation. Even the Christians baptized with the Name of God, struggle to receive the blessings, due to lack of prayer. Divisions and struggles come to the fore. So, stir up the Spirit of prayer in you so that you can arise and shine powerfully.

Always fix a particular time to pray, i,e to meet God. That will be the first Step you take to become a prayer warrior. During that prayer time, sitting in the presence of God should become a routine for you. The early morning time is the best among the whole of 24 hours in a day to sit in the feet of God. During this time, our precious God who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords will expect your prayer and wait for you.

Abraham Lincoln, the famous President of America was saved when he was young. He stayed as a great prayer warrior and guided the nation in the best manner. In his life, it was his routine practice to meet God at 4 O'clock in the morning. Before meeting a commander or a minister, he would meet God who was the Lord of lords. Only after this, he would go for fulfilling his other responsibilities of the day.

‘Sleep’ is the lame excuse given by many for failing to pray in the early morning. Some will cite their heavy domestic responsibilities for not praying. But they do have the time to brush, to eat, change dress and go to the office. Dear children of God, even if you do not find the time, try to create some time for this purpose. Bring down your duration of sleeping and increase your time of meeting God.

It is good indeed for you to stay prayerful for the whole day. But it is essential to allot some particular time to meet God. Otherwise, at the end of the day, you will have to rue over your failures. So allot time to pray and rejoice during the prayer time.

To meditate: “Be ready tomorrow morning. Then come up on Mount Sinai. Stand before me there on the top of the mountain” (Exodus 34:2).

Daily BreadJoshua Jebadurai