“Peter and John went to the Temple. It was three o’clock in the afternoon” (Acts 3:1).

See! There was time for both Peter and John to pray. They identified the church as the venue for praying. Not only that. They made it a habit to pray regularly. If you want to pray for long durations fervently, keep the prayer points. Further, formulate a good system of praying. You can also have a notebook exclusively for the purpose.

Firstly, note down the names of all the servants of God who come to your remembrance and pray for their life of holiness, their travels and for the doors to be kept open for their ministries. Your prayer is not only capable of protecting the missionaries but also yourself. So, after praying for the servants of God, pray for your friends and relatives. Especially pray for your life partner and children.

When I visited Korea, I was told that Pastor Paul Yonggi Cho was praying the “Lord’s Prayer” dividing it into parts and for each part, the duration of prayer was an hour. However, in the first part of the prayer praise God. Praise Him listing out His Names. Meditate the miracles He did and praise Him. In order to help you in this regard, we have published books like “Thousand sacrifices of gratitude”, Thousand words of faith” and “Thousand Promises.” Get filled with the Spirit of God, submit yourself for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and keep praying as God leads you.

Many might have approached you for prayer support and requested you to pray as there was no fellowship of love or integration in their families. You may make note of such requests too in your notebook. If the notebook is small in size, you can carry it with you and you can pray even while waiting in a bus stop. If you keep the notebook in your hands during your travels and pray it will help you to pray fervently with full concentration.

While praying for a prayer point, when your mind lets out an assurance that God has heard your prayer and will be answered definitely, you can proceed to the next prayer point. During the time of prayer, firstly you are looking at God. Secondly you look at yourselves. Thirdly, you look at others. When you look up to God, you have to thank Him, sing and praise Him and worship Him. Not only that. You have to praise and glorify Him for all good things He has done to you.

To meditate: “My whole being, praise the Lord. Do not forget all his kindnesses” (Psalm 103:2)

Daily BreadJoshua Jebadurai