Prosper The Way!

“O Lord God of my master Abraham, if you will now prosper the way in which I go” (Genesis 24:42).

A very big responsibility had been laid upon Eliezer who had been the oldest servant in the house of Abraham. The responsibility was nothing but to identify a suitable life partner for Isaac, son of Abraham. For this purpose, Eliezer travelled a long distance and reached the native place of Abraham accompanied by ten camels and servants. He had no idea over where to go and whom to approach for identifying the bride.

So, he prayed to God first. His thoughts revolved around how good the girl should be for becoming the bride. He saw girls drawing water from a well there and an idea came to his mind. He thought of approaching the girls who were drawing water and seek water from them to drink. His plan was that the girl who obliges by providing water and who also comes forward to quest the thirst of the camels should be the Lord’s choice for his master’s son (Genesis 24:44).

That was the well in which the girls of that area came for drawing water. Many girls might have come and Eliezer might have sought water from them. But he was waiting with prayer and patience for God’s response. God chose the right life partner for Isaac and enabled Eliezer to identify her.

It is easy for Eliezer to obtain water for his requirement but getting water for the ten camels was not so. Each camel will be consuming ten pots of water. A good girl should possess characteristics like patience, hard work and hospitality. Rebekah possessed all these characteristics and Eliezer chose her for the purpose.

While identifying a life partner for their son, many parents will be talking very highly of their son’s education and earnings. But they will not pray and wait patiently. They do not wait with the hope that God will choose and give the best for the purpose.

I know a pastor. He had a son alone and he might have approached thousands of homes in search of a bride for his son. He would visit a home to look at the girl proposed, there he would talk boastfully about his son and eat the snacks offered and at times he had taken mid-day meals too. The next day he would write a letter to them informing that it was not the will of God.

After meeting thousands of girls, he chose one at last. But the girl he chose was an arrogant demoness. After marriage, the first thing she did was to chase out the parents-in-law. Dear children of God, wait for the will of God faithfully and patiently.

To meditate: “Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies” (Proverbs 31:10).

Daily BreadJoshua Jebadurai