The Light of The Eyes!

“The light of the eyes rejoices the heart and a good report makes the bones healthy” (Proverbs 15:30).

Today, God gives you a promise. Good news will reach you. It will be a wonderful word. It will make your mind and life become radiant. Good news is liked by all.  
Being unable to secure an employment, I was in agony for several months. One day I was informed by my elder brother that I was in receipt of an interview from a Government department. My heart rejoiced at this news.

Do you know what the sad part was in this news? The intimation letter had arrived late and in fact, the interview had been over on the previous day itself. I felt very sad but with prayer, I went to that office in person and explained to them my situation. See, how gracious God is! The interview was rescheduled for the next day just to enable me to attend it. I did well in the interview and thus I joined the Income Tax Department.

In the history of Christianity, there was a dark period of around four hundred years and during this period no prophet rose after the prophet Malachi. There was no one to prophesy anything with the preamble “God says.” During this period, there were no pious kings or priests. Then came the Good News and the Angel prophesied the birth of Jesus. “….behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people” (Luke 2:10).

 That Good news did not say that a prophet was born or a king was born but it said that Jesus, the Son of God was born like a Saviour to sacrifice Himself for the whole world. Through Christ, we receive indescribable gifts, blessings and greatness. It is a Good News brought by the angels of the heaven. “As cold water to a weary soul so is good news from a far country” (Proverbs 25:25).

Since you are nearer to God, expect Good News every day from the heaven. It is not a cheap happiness received through sin. It is also not the peace obtained through money or valuables. It is the blessing which has been installed eternally. Do you know what the prayer of David was? He prayed, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation and uphold me by your generous Spirit” (Psalms 51:12). Let your prayer too be the same. God will anoint you with the oil of gladness and do miracles every day for you. Let your heart rejoice for the whole of the year. He will protect you with prayer and purity so that the guilty conscience in no way troubles you.                 

To meditate: “Oh, satisfy us early with your mercy that we may rejoice and be glad all our days!” (Psalms 90:14).


Daily BreadJoshua Jebadurai