“We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house” (Psalm 65:4).

A great joy filled David’s heart when told, “Let us go into the house of the Lord.” He was very much excited and he joyously said, “There I am going to be fed to my satisfaction. I am going to praise Him through singing and dancing. I am going to worship Him. The honey of the rock is there. My thirst will be quenched through the river of pleasures.

Dear children of God, whenever you go to the church do not forget that God will give all good things richly and immeasurably. He will bless you in an overflowing manner. He will feed you with the heavenly preciousness.

Once a sister approached a psychologist as tiredness and weakness afflicted her body as well as her mind and her life had become a bitter one. The doctor told her, “Just do what I say and you will be healed. Attend the service in a nearby church. No matter whether you are able to pray or not or you are able to sing or not, go to church. Go to the church five minutes before the worship commences and sit there silently.” The sister assured to follow this and left for her home.

After a month, she came back to the doctor and told him that there was no improvement. The doctor enquired her whether she followed his advice and whether she had attended the church in the past four Sundays. When she answered negatively, the doctor sent her back asking her to come to him only after abiding his advice of attending church service.

This time she went to the church. She felt the presence of God every week. The power of God touched her. The divine worship brought joy to her mind. She received the perfect healing.

Yes. The only remedy for your spirit, soul and body is the presence of God. Your heart gets filled with refreshment, divine peace and joy when you spend your time truthfully in His presence.

What a great blessing the assembling of the church brings to the children of God! When the church assembles, people pray for each other. One shoulders the burden of the other. The testimonial experiences of one person turn useful to others. God speaks to you through His servants. Attend church so that you are filled with the perfect blessing.

Dear children of God, let attending the church be a joyful experience to you. Come eagerly with the intention of getting filled with the perfection of the church. Happily come to the church of God so that your needs are met.

To meditate: “And in the daytime He was teaching in the temple” (Luke 21:37).