“Instead of your shame you shall have double honour” (Isaiah 61:7).

To the same extent to which you had been tormented, you will be exalted by God. God will elevate you doubly to the level to which you experienced shame and disgrace.

Reinhard Bonnke, a German evangelist, once visited Africa sacrificially to do God's ministry. He created a great revival there. Once, he made a huge tent in which thirty-five thousand people could be seated. All facilities had been done in it so that the Gospel could be proclaimed to all at one time.

The day of the dedication of this huge tent was nearing. Just during the night before, there was a terrible storm in that area and it blew away the huge tent. The people around mocked him saying how such a thing could happen if God had been with him.

Since advertisements had been made regarding the dedication of the tent, many people had assembled there and they were around seventy-five thousand in number. Double the number of people expected had assembled there and there was a great revival. God blessed with a good harvest.

Only then the evangelist understood why God allowed the tent to be blown away. Not only that. The people who saw the mishap came forward enthusiastically to contribute their mite for bringing up a new tent and thus an even bigger tent was erected. God said “Instead of your shame you shall have double honour” and how true it is!

Dear children of God, He will never allow your enemies to make fun of you. God will lift your head in front of your enemies and anoint it with oil.

In the Scripture, we see the wicked Haman plotted to put the divine people to shame and to destroy the Jews. For no reason he hated Mordecai. But in the end, Mordecai was blessed doubly to how he had been put to shame and the wicked Haman had to die by hanging.

Dear children of God, are you put to shame? Are you subjected to shame and reproaches? Hold the promise of God and seek double blessings from Him. Definitely, you will receive the double blessings replacing the shame you had been experiencing.

To meditate:- “Even today I declare that I will restore double to you” (Zechariah 9:12).