“They glorified God, saying, “God has visited His people” (Luke 7:16).

God not only sees us, listens to our prayers and answers them but He is also the One who meets us.

Many people sadly say, “I was in the sick bed and no one visited me. I was suffering from acute poverty but nobody came to help me. What is the use of having so many friends and relatives? I remain in solitude and suffer like an orphan.

But the Heavenly God willed to meet you. For that purpose, He Himself descended to the earth. Similar to how His children are with flesh and blood, He also preferred to be with flesh and blood. In order to build a joyful fellowship with the simple and poverty stricken people, Christ humbled Himself and came as a bonded slave amidst penury.

Further, Jesus who took birth in the world did not like to conceal Himself in a life of penance but willed to reveal Himself to all and meet the people. All were able to meet Him. He embraced the children too. With no hesitation, He touched the lepers and healed them. He redeemed the demon afflicted persons. He raised the people from death back to life.

Dear children of God, men may not like meeting you or they may not find time to spend with you but there is one God who likes to meet you with all love. There is a God who takes part in all your sorrows. He enquires every problem of yours affectionately and delivers you from it.

See! When the children of Israel were struggling in slavery in Egypt, in order to meet Moses, God appeared before Him in the midst of a bush. He willed to meet Moses and through him to meet the children of Israel and to redeem them from Egypt’s captivity.

That day, when Joshua was struggling on the plain of the valley of Jordan being unable to find a way to capture the city of Jericho, God crossed over to meet him like a commander of the army. When Joshua found that God had come to meet him like a commander of the army, his heart was filled with ecstasy. God strengthened Joshua and gave him the victory.

Dear children of God, today God is eager to meet you. Do you possess the same eagerness to meet Him? Is your heart eager to run to His presence and pray? Does a feeling of meeting Christ whenever you read the Scripture, arise in you?

To meditate: “Remember me, O Lord, with the favor you have toward your people.
Oh, visit me with your salvation” (Psalm 106:4).

Daily BreadJoshua Jebadurai