“For the word of the Lord is right and all His work is done in truth” (Psalm 33:4).

God is truthful in His words and also in the thoughts of your deeds. He is faithful in doing good in every part of your life.

One mother used to suggest certain book titles to her six-year-old daughter to read and she also told her that the library which lends those books will send her a special gift if she finishes reading them all. Accordingly, the girl finished reading those books and subsequently she received a doll also as a gift as her mother had promised. She was unable to believe how a library could send a doll which she liked most, as the gift. She was not aware that the real sender of that gift was none other than her own mother. Just like this God very well knows what you need, when you need and what the desire of your heart is.

Firstly, God knows everything. The psalmist says. “You comprehend my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways (Psalm 139:3). God knows all your ways, likings and desires. So, He is powerful to solve all your problems.

Secondly, God is always with you. He is with you always. He knows what your past was and what your future will be. If you place your full faith on God, rather than placing it on the perishable things of the world, He will be a very present help to you whatever be the situation (Psalm 46:1).

Thirdly, God is Almighty. Job said, “I know that you can do everything and that no purpose of yours can be withheld from you” (Job 42:2). Yes. What God wanted to do can never get blocked. No man could stop it. So, do not lose heart while facing problems. Debt issues may be troubling you. You may be facing defeats in all your endeavours. But remember that Victorious Christ is with you. He is powerful to clear your debt issues and to turn your defeats into victories.

Fourthly, God is faithful in all His ways. Titus 1:2 says "God, who cannot lie." He will definitely fulfill what He has said. Dear children of God, place all your worries and burdens at God's feet. God will turn all those things and bless you.

To meditate: “How precious is your loving kindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of your wings” (Psalm 36:7).