“Who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us?” (Mark 16:3).

When you are in the midst of the problems, several questions like "Who will help me?", "Who will clear the hurdles?, "Who will roll away this stone?” and so on will keep arising in your heart. That day, when the three women came to the tomb where the body of Jesus had been kept, the thought of the big stone which cannot be rolled away easily, came to them. They thought, "Oh, there will be a big stone on the tomb. Who will turn down that stone for us? How can we anoint Jesus with this spice?"

But when they came near the tomb they found the stone having been already rolled away. Some people are of the view that Christ Himself might have rolled the stone away. Some more are of the view that certain angels might have done this job.

There is a stone which has to be rolled away. It is nothing but reproach and shame. The children of Israel camped in Gilgal in the beginning. The word "Gilgal" gives the meaning "A stone, rolled away." The children of Israel who were termed as 'slaves,' on reaching Gilgal turned as rulers of Canaan where milk and honey flowed.

When the stone of reproach is rolled away, the slave becomes the king. Dear children of God, you also may be lamenting saying, "Who will roll away this stone for me?" Here, Jesus Christ who has risen from the dead is on your side.

There is another stone which has to be rolled away. That is the stone which stands as a hurdle for the blessings. The Jericho was kept locked for the children of Israel. Iron bolts and bronze doors were there. The children of Israel might have lamented saying, "Who will clear this hurdle for us?" But when they came around with praise, the wall of Jericho broke and fell. The doors of bronze were broken. God cleared the hurdles and made the way.

Yes. God will perform all things for you. Today, God gives a promise to you. “The one who breaks open will come up before them; they will break out, pass through the gate, and go out by it; their king will pass before them, with the Lord at their head” (Micah 2:13).

Dear children of God, the stones are being rolled and pushed away for you. The walls of Jericho are crumbling and falling down. God is going ahead of you to clear all the hurdles awaiting you. So, will you rejoice and happily say, "God will do everything for me" Victorious Christ will go ahead of you and make everything successful for you.

To meditate: “I have set before you an open door and no one can shut it” (Revelation 3:8).