“For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers” (Matthew 23:4).

Many people think that the 'shoulder' is an organ exclusively created to carry loads, responsibilities and burdens. In the days of Jesus Christ, the warriors of the Roman Kingdom forced the Jews to carry heavy loads on their shoulders for the purpose of transporting the goods. The reason for this is that the Jews were the slaves for Romans. Those who carried the loads did not do the job happily but with murmur instead.

But Jesus said, “And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two” (Matthew 5:41). The reason for Jesus saying so is that He Himself was the one to lend His shoulders to wrest the burden on Himself. He was the one who carried the Cross on the shoulders and walked all the way to Golgotha through the rough path.

Dear children of God, God knows your burdens. He knows the heaviness of your heart. He will understand the sufferings you undergo and volunteer to bear your burdens.

When a Christian officer was in government service, he was loaded with heavy assignments by his superiors. He toiled hard and subsequently became weak and weary. He will work hard even after the working hours and return home in nights with all tiredness. The salary was also not in proportion to the hard work he performed. His home had its own commitments and the situation was that it was not easy to switch over to any other suitable employment.

One day, during prayer time God spoke to him saying, "Look at my broad shoulders. They are eager to bear your burdens. Place all your burdens on me." Accordingly, the officer placed all his burdens of his heart on God and prayed.

With that, all his physical tiredness and mental stress were cleared. He became a new man full of enthusiasm. God gave him the wisdom and grace with which he was able to finish his assignments quickly for which he had been spending several hours before.

Dear children of God, the people of the world may place heavy burdens on your shoulders. But even in such situations, when you look up to God, He will give you the strength of the Most High and help you in fulfilling them. When you are protected with the super human strength of the Most High and the strength of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to complete rare and huge assignments. You will arise and shine.

To meditate: “....and at evening ..... I brought them out at twilight and I bore them on my shoulder in their sight” (Ezekiel 12:7).