“You number my wanderings” (Psalms 56:8).

With all faith, David prayed God saying, "You number my wanderings; put my tears into your bottle". No one likes to include wanderings in their lives. Their wish will be to stay put in one place and live. Peaceful life alone is their preference but at times they have to cross through the path of wandering.  

One sister was working in a bank and since her residence was far away from the work spot, she had to travel a distance of seventy miles every day in the bus. The employment had forced her to live alone in that place. Being a young girl, she had to face several problems. She wished to get transferred to her native and was praying continuously for the same.

On a day, God noticed her wanderings. She got married to a wonderful person. She easily got transferred to the branch located nearer to her husband's home. The days of wandering turned into days of peace.  

David who tended the sheep as a boy experienced wanderings right from the young age. Factors like sheep losing their way, they getting lost and wild animals like Lion and tiger causing danger to the sheep, kept him wandering always.

Further, Saul had been chasing him right from the day on which he was crowned as the king. David had to wander in the hills and caves with the fear over Saul. He had to dwell in foreign land secretly. With all fear, he said to God, "You know my wanderings."

You may also be wandering here and there for some reason. You may lament saying, "Why is it that nothing gets finalised in my life? How long will I have to face all these wanderings and struggles?" Do not worry. Everything has its own time. Is it not? Likewise, time will definitely come when all these wanderings will come to an end.  

David was exalted in proportion to the extensive wanderings he had experienced. He received comfort and peace. All his enemies died. He ruled over Jude and Israel for forty years. Dear children of God, He looked at the wanderings of David and blessed him with several times of exaltation and similarly He will also do the same for you.

To meditate: “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you” (I Peter 5:7).

Daily BreadJoshua Jebadurai